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Author Expo - Sea Isle City Library

I am excited to announce that Local Authors will be gathering together at the Sea Isle City Library, on April 15th to share their original works and to promote the love of literacy to all ages, while attendees can enjoy readings from the authors, book signings, children’s books and more. No entry fee; registration not required. 
Are you an author living in New Jersey or a literary organization who would like to apply for free booth space at this community event, email us at 

Author Expo: Services


Author Expo: Services

Nathenial Adams and Delilah Adams

Delilah and Nathenial are twins. They have been enthusiastic about helping others through volunteer work since they were in mommy’s tummy. One day, they came to their mommy and daddy with an idea for a book. The twins thought of a story about a magical envelope traveling around the world doing acts of kindness. They intended to help others understand the importance of being kind and find ways to help as many people as possible. They wanted their book to inspire kindness and contribute to those who give so much. The children wish to donate proceeds from their book to an organization that will help the brave men and women serving in our militaries get their own Magical Envelopes. Delilah and Nathenial will be donating 10% of The Magical Envelope's paperback book and hardcover reading book sales to the MSAWI
Organization in honor of our brave fallen hero, Major Stuart Adam Wolfer, who will never be forgotten. In addition, the children will also continue to work with Rose Pagan from A Hero’s Welcome NNJ. Their goal is to continue creating support packages for our troops, dinners for our veterans, and toys for the holidays for veteran families.


Anna Drew

Anna Drew is a Children's Author soon to be Novelist. 
The Chocolate Hiccups is a book about a child Brandon that loves Chocolate. Today he ate a little too much chocolate. He came up to his mom and said, "Mom, I have the chocolate hiccups." The rest of the story involves the entire family to help him get rid of the hiccups. So does he get rid of them Read to find out. Hope you enjoy our story!


Leigh Cavanagh

Adult Contemporary Romance Author
All 3 Books in the Calvano Chronicle Series are part of #KindleUnlimited


Brooke Dorsey

Holistic Author - We were born with the power to heal ourselves! Learn to heal yourself energetically, releasing any stuck energy that may be causing pain, stress, and anxiety. Tap into your mind, body, and soul with meditation, mindfulness, the chakra energy body, and Reiki energy healing. Each book comes with preparation for a Reiki Master Healing & Attunement to open up your energy system to the higher frequency energy, and everything you need to know to access that energy whenever you need it to heal yourself.


Joseph A. Larosa, Jr

 His first book, “Our Perfect Storm,” released in 2010, was an annotated history of the monster March storm that lasted a few agonizing days. For nearly nine years, Joseph LaRosa Jr. worked on his second book about the 1962 storm that devastated Sea Isle City and other areas along the coast.


JW Atterbury, poetry

Welcome to a collection of poems and short stories that center around the themes of self-love and self-acceptance. In a world that often encourages us to constantly compare ourselves to others and strive for perfection, it's easy to forget the importance of embracing our true selves and loving ourselves unconditionally.
The pieces in this book explore different aspects of the journey towards self-love, from learning to appreciate our unique qualities to overcoming insecurities and past traumas. Through vivid imagery and heartfelt prose, these poems and stories remind us of the beauty and strength that lies within us all, and inspire us to celebrate ourselves just as we are.
Whether you're looking for a source of comfort and validation or seeking inspiration to start your own journey towards self-acceptance, this collection offers a rich and diverse array of voices and perspectives that are sure to touch your heart and soul. So sit back, relax, and allow these words to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and self-love.


Amy M. Reade

Amy M. Reade is a cook, chauffeur, household CEO, doctor, laundress, maid, psychiatrist, warden, seer, teacher, and pet whisperer. In other words, a wife, mother, community volunteer, and recovering attorney.


 Janet Bodoff is a retired newspaper reporter and graphic designer from Atlantic City. Her work has appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Bulletin, Philadelphia Journal, Rolling Stone, Concert Magazine and more. Her poetry has appeared in several poetry anthologies, including Pasta & Poetry and Tour of Poetry.


Molly Golubcow

Even as a child, Molly Golubcow expressed herself - with words as well as her pen (or Crayon). To her family’s chagrin, she often wrote and drew inside the blank pages of her older brother’s books – why else were the pages left empty?

With a degree in English, Molly was able to write professionally her entire career. As a technical writer, she covered an array of topics ranging from NASA telemetry systems to health care policy & procedures. In her spare time, she entertains the right side of her brain writing non-technical short stories, articles, and interviews. Her works have been published in several anthologies as well as in newspaper and magazines: Atlantic City Weekly, Montgomery Life, Boardwalk Journal, New Jersey Lifestyle, South Jersey, & JerseyMan. Her favorite subjects to write about center around her home, her roots - Atlantic City and New Jersey in general.

Her first book, The Hotel on St. James Place: Growing up in Atlantic City between the Boardwalk and the Holocaust tells her story - a hybrid of memoir and vivid vignettes that juxtapose her parents, Holocaust survivors and proprietors of a small hotel in Atlantic City, next to some colorful characters ranging from pimps to runaways. All promising to add up to an unforgettable journey of resilience, survival, and acceptance.

Molly is currently working on her next book – a detective novel set in Atlantic City – you never know what can be happening on and under the Boardwalk.

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